New Year’s Eve with One Direction in Brighton

Okay, so maybe not exactly One Direction. But my hostel dorm of 16 people contained a group of British boys that definitely had boy band potential and we just ended up calling them One Direction instead of their actual names.

Anyway, Brighton is a cute little coastal town that is a pretty popular mini-holiday destination for Londoners and other city folk. It reminded me of the Santa Monica Pier, because it was exactly like the Santa Monica Pier, except with pebbles instead of sand. Roller coasters and Ferris wheel included. It felt a little bit like home.

Art | Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

The town of Brighton itself is quite small, a little beachside community with shops, restaurants, entertainment, and a palace. Yup. The Royal Pavilion is a distinctive Asian-style palace with restored rooms and gardens, as well as tours, that was built for King George IV. It was about to close for the day by the time we got there, so while we didn’t get a chance to go inside, we explored the grounds a bit, which really was quite beautiful and seemed a bit out of place for this town. We also spent some time going through the many antique shops the town has, as well as walk through the Brighton Pier and soak up the sun, randomly ran into Myles and Victoria on the street, got lost in the University area, and enjoyed the general charm and quirkiness of Brighton. There’s a row of brightly colored mini houses, as well as a lot of really adorable Victorian British houses to see.

The Royal Pavilion* | Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

Remember Myles and Victoria from Christmas? They joined up with us after we ran into them earlier for a bit of pregaming in the hostel with One Direction on NYE. We, uh, we had a good time. I played a card game with the 1D boys that ended very shortly with one of the boys getting sick on himself. Then we went out to the clubs, with the boys headed over to the biggest EDM club where I’m sure they took nothing illegal, while Myles, Victoria, Marissa, and I stopped off in a kebab shop to eat some food and drink some water because some of us were definitely not inebriated nor in need of hydration and sustenance.

We then hit the clubs, getting denied entrance into the first one because the bouncer thought one of us in the group was too drunk because she was holding a water bottle Vic got her from the kebab shop even though SHE TOTALLY WASN’T DRUNK by that point and was just hydrating because she was tired of drinking gin and tonic and just wanted to dance and ring in the New Year and the bouncer was all like “I wasn’t born yesterday” and then she got all American on him and then Vic was like “Let’s just go” and then we ran down to the beach. We ended up dancing in one of the clubs and counted down the New Year in there, then watched the end of the fireworks display and saw Myles and Victoria off.

Brighton Pier* | Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

Here’s where sleeping in hostels can be THE WORST. We got back to the dorm in the early morning hours and headed to sleep, but I woke up when a group of the 1D boys got back. They were talking, but not too loud and didn’t turn the lights on, which was nice, and eventually went to bed. BUT THEN a few hours later, around 5 AM maybe, two more of the One Direction boys came in completely out of their minds. They turned the lights on, started chatting away to each other, and kept repeating “What a night!” and – I’m not kidding – one of them came over and OPENED THE CURTAIN that covered my bed to see if I was in there, and did the same to Marissa who was sleeping in the bed below me.

But don’t you worry, I got my revenge. Five minutes before check out, none of them were ready or packed and some weren’t even awake, nor did they have any idea that if you didn’t check out by a certain time, the hostel would charge you an extra night. As Marissa and I walked out, I said “Hope they don’t charge you! Happy New Year!” to which I heard the awake ones go “WHAT!” and wake up the remaining sleeping boys and scramble to the front desk. They probably made it and didn’t get charged, but I like to think petty thoughts.

Brighton Beach | Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

All in all, it was quite a way to ring in the New Year. Brighton also took hostage of my first lost article: my adapter.

MVP of the night goes to Vic – she knows why (have I paid you back yet?).


*I foolishly did not take very many pics of Brighton, so these photos are not mine and obtained from a public domain.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve with One Direction in Brighton

  1. lol I thought wow, you’re so great at photography! My photos didn’t turn out half as nice, and then I saw your * haha


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